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F A T H E R    S E A R C H I N G

This story begins a very long time ago when a young man befriended a
young girl. The befriending went further than a friend should go.
The young man was sent away by well meaning adults and the young girl met the same fate.
They have never seen each other again.

The child of this befriending was adopted.
Now I'm on a quest to locate this child. Not to interfere in his or her life,
but to let him or her know we did not allow this adoption willingly.
I have always wondered where this child is.

I want you to know I'm searching for you because
I care and I always have.
Your Birthmothers age was the reason you were adopted.
You were not given away for any other reason.

Your Birthmothers name is CHARLOTTE HANSEN.
She lived in McGill, Nevada.
Her parents Chuck and Beverly Hansen owned and operated the McGill Cafe.

The Hansen family moved to Delta, Utah and disappeared.
I have been unable to find a single family member since they moved.
I know Charlotte has two brothers, Richard and Randy and a sister Ann.

If any of this sounds familiar please contact me and learn more.

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